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i love

and made me to extremely dislike
  • cockroach
  • *people who lives quixotically
  • durian (count candy-flavored-durian out)
  • butterfly (they’re manifest beautiful and I discern it DEADLY)
  • outdated people (rofl)
  • techniques for Rubik’s Cube (rofl)
  • grubby rooms
  • raucous people
I am the/a
  • theme maker (stops for the reason that I lack time)
  • spammer
  • blogger (http://xanga.com/khrysz)
  • mission partaker
  • songster
  • self-centered person
  • optimistic
  • GOD follower

I do love watching and listening to different
asian movies and music. :D
I have finish a lot of asian movies which I don't
know if I can still remember them all.
Well, those were all dramas and some were sci-fi with dramas.
I am more like a surfer,texter,chatter and a gamer.
I do a lot of things when I am sitting in front of the computer. :D
I write things @